DWG to Image

DWG stands for drawing and this file format is a common format for Computer Aided Design (CAD).It is used for storing 2D and 3D drawings.

BMP is a graphic file format that contains Bitmap images. It can specify image pixels to show the image in any devices, that’s why it is device independent. It uses the file header to contain all the Bitmap info. It supports both colored and gray color models. It also have a color table that contains image colors.

JPG, also known as JPEG, is a file format that can contain image with 10:1 to 20:1 lossy image compression technique. With the compression technique it can reduce the image size without losing the image quality. So it is widely used in web publishing to reduce the image size maintaining the image quality.

PNG or Portable Network Graphic format is a graphic file format that uses lossless compression algorithm to store raster images. It uses 2 stage compression methods. It is frequently used as web site images rather than printing as it supports only the RGB color model. So CMYK color images cannot be saved as PNG image.

Download DWG Fastview to convert your DWG to images like BMP, JPG and PNG free of charge.

DWG to Image:

DWG FastView allows you to convert DWG to PDF or vice versa as well as other common formats mutual conversion, online or with client program(Mobile & Windows). And it is free. Now there are following supported format conversion:

Click what you need on the left navigation to start your conversion or download DWG FastView to do it on Windows or mobile phone or directly on web.

Steps for exporting to image:

1. Clicking “Export” icon, and select “Export to Image”;

2. It displays a rectangle in the interface, you can drag the arrow on the sides of rectangle to define picture boundary;

3. After adjusting the region click “✓” to continue;

4. Enter file name;

5. Specify the file saving location;

6. Select export format: BMP, JPG, or PNG;

7. Select color depth:

8. Click “Export” to finish.

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